Welcoming AlphaSys’ New Director & Refocused Direction

AlphaSys welcomes new Director Steve Beet to their board.

Over the past 5 years, we have increased our focus on serving ‘For-Purpose’ organisations in the Care, Membership, Fundraising, Education, Social Enterprise and Public Service sectors. As a For-Purpose organisation ourselves, we feel a strong affinity with these sectors and measure our success by the contribution we can make to the outcomes these organisations deliver for the individuals they serve.

We’ve been building our knowledge base and expertise to better understand the needs of these sectors, and refining our skill sets, methods, and tools to maximise the value we can add to our clients, as they prepare for, and deliver their systems projects.

The ‘For-Purpose’ agenda within Australia is immense, representing around 10% of the Australian workforce. These organisations are an important part of Australian culture and are relied upon by those of us looking to develop, explore new opportunities or overcome challenges. As these sectors mature, they face relentless pressure to deliver greater outcomes for the funding they receive.  To survive, these organisation need to be innovative and capitalise on new technologies and digital ways of working, but many lack the investment capacity and business expertise needed to keep them at the leading edge.

We believe that, for organisations in these sectors, the decision to introduce a customer relationship management, such as Salesforce, presents a “not to be missed” opportunity to examine their entire organisation, its working practices, and operating model, to maximise the benefits of their investment in new digital technology.  These systems help manage the personal relationships that are at the heart of these organisation.

Historically, this sector hasn’t been well served by the commercial sector, which tends to focus on the ‘top end of town’. This is something AlphaSys and organisations like us are seeking to remedy. ‘For-Purpose’  organisations deserve their own attention and we are proud to take a stand on this and make it our Purpose.

We have invested in a set of accelerators, pre-configured to meet the needs of these sectors and have decided to grow our strategy consulting, operating model design, change management and change governance practices to complement our already strong capabilities in systems design and implementation. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest director, Steve Beet, who will be championing these growth areas. With a career in management consulting of over 35 years, working across the public, private and For Purpose sectors, leading transformation programs focused on social outcomes, both in his role as central government lead partner for PwC in the UK, and, since 2014, as a specialist consultant and volunteer across a range of senior Australian settings, Steve brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience in the development of organisations with a social purpose.

“I’m delighted to become a part of AlphaSys.  Much like its clients, it is a true ‘for purpose’ organisation. The values of the organisation empower the AlphaSys team to go beyond the normal boundaries of a supplier relationship and optimise the benefit of our work for our clients and the individuals they serve, creating an exciting space for us to work in. The combination of our change management expertise, and an AlphaSys driven Salesforce implementation will allow for purpose organisations to quickly move to digitally powered customer-centric model, that will transform the relationship they have with those they serve.” -Steve Beet

The ability to build trusted long term relationships is a crucial element of Steve’s working ethos and allows him to fully support AlphaSys’ values when designing and delivering change programs, ensuring that, despite our year on year growth, we maintain the care we bring and value we deliver to each client.

For our clients – as an integral part of our service offer, we invest time to understand your purpose, vision, and values, and the unique characteristics those you serve.  We help you review your organisation-wide operating model, to ensure that all areas needing change are identified. We then configure your new digital systems to align with your goals, using best-practice solutions, leveraging the innovative Salesforce architecture, and make sure that all changes occur within a well-managed program.