Coalition success: What will it mean for your organisation?

To the surprise of many, the Coalition has proved national polling wrong, and is mobilising for a new term of government.
Many AlphaSys clients are “for-purpose”, operating as not-for-profit bodies, membership organisations, public bodies or other entities delivering essential public service outcomes.

We work in collaboration with our clients, to help them pursue these strong social agendas and maximise the social outcomes they deliver, so it is vital that we are all aware of the possible shifts this government may cause in these sectors. We’ve decided to take a look at the Coalition’s election commitments, beyond franking credits and tax rates, to highlight what we feel the impact will be on our clients and the markets they serve.


For Fundraisers

We see significant new commitments into mental health research, research into new medical treatments and funds put aside for future drought relief.

For those fundraisers attached to relevant research bodies, it’s a good time to update stakeholder maps and start developing campaign strategies.

For the organisations likely to bid for this possible research work, it’s time to make sure that those project disciplines are in place, and that you’re ready to bring outside specialists into your digital structure. It’s worth examining if your current architecture is flexible enough to support this, and scrutinize whether it will help you comply with the often complex requirements of grant deeds.


For case managers and service providers

The Coalition manifesto includes a number of new funding programs, attacking some of the major societal risks around mental health and Indigenous Youth.

The restructure of NDIS Participant planning pathways will look to better coordinate contact arrangements and consolidate back-end processes, while the expansion of these schemes to new geographies will give providers the opportunity to operate in more remote locations, and provide linguistically diverse services.

A proposed $10 million investment will create a network of Aged Care System Navigators to assist those from CALD backgrounds. This will see an expansion of, and specialisation around Home Care Packages delivery and management ahead of the long awaited transformation of Aged Care that is likely to follow the Royal Commission’s findings.

Youth employment remains a priority with a wide range of programs including the expansion of the Youth Jobs PaTH program to pilot up to 10 industry-led job pathway programs and the creation of 10 regional Training Hubs.

Of particular interest to our clients, is $16.2 million  to become available for non-profit organisations and agencies that choose to include programs for veterans (re)introducing them into the a civilian workforce.

Finally, the National Ice Action Strategy will continue to be funded, with an extra $450 Million to support organisations who seek to support and provide professional help to those affected by drug dependencies.

As all providers know, the market for care provision and case management services is becoming very attractive, with commercial giants circling. It’s time to make sure that your case management processes are scalable, customer-centric, and able to accommodate a wider fact-find that explores the holistic needs of individuals, with consideration to their family units and support networks.  Plan developers and commissioners need to handle a multi-program environment, being on top of the eligibility criteria for each program, and be able to cross refer to fee-for-service offers and signpost partner providers,  in order to deliver a full service response.

Public Service unions warn that the government efficiency dividend, needed to pay for the manifesto commitments could result in the public service shrinking by up to 3000 people, potentially creating opportunities for “for purpose” service providers to expand their scope.


For Education providers

For education providers, there are a number of important signals in the Coalition manifesto, suggesting:

  • A dual track on childcare and pre-school, with the Kindergarten facilities for four-year-old’s only confirmed to continue for another year.
  • That a deal may be in sight on school funding with $23.5bn committed to schools over 10 years with a further $4.6bn package for Catholic and Independent schools.

For the tertiary sector, there is a pledge of $525m towards 80,000 new apprenticeships, increase VET activity and another $94m scholarship program to encourage students to study in regional areas.

Implications for us at AlphaSys

We see continued opportunity for growth in the “for-purpose” sector, where – in many cases we can help our clients leverage the preferential licence deals available through Salesforce for the not-for-profit and education sectors.  Our industry-leading accelerators are really making a difference, challenging organisations to re-think their operating models and maximise the return on investment in core systems.

If you feel these proposed ventures relate to your operating model or systems and you’d like to explore this further get in touch.