Sydney Youth Orchestra

Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO) is a community of over 450 young musicians, aged 6-24, from all over Sydney and beyond. It provides an opportunity for them to come together to grow, to learn, and to contribute to Australia’s cultural landscape. AlphaSys is proud to help them improve their fundraising and application processing efficiency through Salesforce and WordPress. This has created better experiences for their community of parents, students and staff.


SYO were struggling to manage student data, payments, and mass communications within their outdated systems. They would spend many months performing manual processing of audition applications and enrolment forms. Assistance was required to streamline and automate their processes to save valuable time and costs.


Wordpress website tightly integrated with Salesforce for fundraising, management of applications and orchestra operations.


SYO has significantly increased operational efficiency since AlphaSys implemented the new integrated system. Constituent engagement and experience has also improved thus providing an uplift in enrolments, staff capacity and fundraising income.


SYO has grown over the last 40 years to become a community of over 500 young musicians, aged 6-24, from all over Sydney and beyond. Through their great work, a number of leading musicians have joined some of the world's most respected orchestras.

While their orchestras have been reaching amazing heights, their back office processes were straining to match demand. This was limiting their ability to grow and continue to deliver quality in all they did.

AlphaSys worked with SYO to design and develop a new Wordpress website. The website enabled them to improve their donation taking capabilities in a secure manner via the integration with Salesforce.

The previously burdensome processing of orchestra applications and payments was streamlined through FormAssembly forms and Salesforce. Tasks that had typically taken weeks of manual effort were reduced to minutes, enabling the team to focus on strategy and communications.

SYO continue to partner with AlphaSys to further enhance their technology backbone including integration with a newly implemented online ticketing system.