When TEDxSydney Met AlphaSys – A Modern Day Salesforce Romance

From the very first date, no one could deny the chemistry. Sparks flew as the conversation progressed. It was clear that we were meant to be together. But as with all relationships there was hard work to come.

The dawn of reality, the rise of a challenge. How could an outdated hard-to-manage website, with scattered content and conversations, be effective in communicating ideas worth spreading?

As we grew in understanding, we reached a mutual agreement. An ageing website without the support of a CRM would never have the chance of blossoming into something more. Something that would make people stop and take notice.

Then the journey began. A marriage involving a rebuilt website to provide content to the world, backed by the power of Salesforce to manage relationships and drive operational excellence. Quality systems working in harmony to be a solid platform for community engagement and sharing of ideas.

We’re excited to announce the much-anticipated birth of the new TEDxSydney website for the world to see. The start of a long-lasting union with systems evolving and growing over time. New functionality, new content, new connections.

AlphaSys is passionate about helping TEDxSydney share ideas worth spreading through innovative cloud technology. Although this is a match made in heaven, it is far from exclusive. To find out how AlphaSys can help your organisation improve the way you engage with people that matter, swipe right and contact us here.

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