Office 365 – Managing Emails

In the past, archiving email was the way to keep your mailbox storage within your server mail storage quota and also manage the size of your Outlook profile data file (OST file): large OST file = higher chance of errors or poor performance of Outlook. With Office 365 accounts set up in Outlook, you would now [...] Read more

Office 365 – Stop emails going to your junk folder

Office 365 has a robust email spam filtering system that gets it clout from both work and home email systems. It is learning how to identify spam from the multitude of emails passing through its systems, making it more reliable than anti-spam services from other email providers. If a legitimate email does end up scoring as spam, you [...] Read more

OneNote – Write minutes in minutes

One of the interesting uses of OneNote (provided as part of the Office 365 subscription) is its ability to document meeting agendas and notes. Not only does it save time when it comes to documenting minutes, but it also allows attendees to quickly add action items into their Outlook tasks. This blog will show you how. Let’s first [...] Read more