Office 365 – Saving you time when documenting feedback

Documenting feedback can be a drag, whether it is on designs, websites, or other things viewed on your computer screen. While tools like the Windows Snipping Tool have made it easier to focus screenshots on areas of interest (as opposed to using print screen to take a snapshot of your entire screen), it still takes time to go back and forth between programs.

Thankfully there’s an easier way to give visual feedback using the oft overlooked feature embedded within Microsoft Office called “Insert Screenshot”. It’s simple and allows you to use the Office applications typically used for documenting feedback.

Let’s use the example of wanting to give your web developer feedback on your website. First, go to the application you want to use to document feedback. Typically our clients would use Microsoft Word or put the feedback directly in Outlook. However it also works in other products such as OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel.

Then open your web browser and go to the webpage you want to provide feedback on. Go back to your Office application and make sure you don’t click to another application first – this function will only allow screenshots of the last viewed application. Select the place where you want the screenshot to go before selecting Screenshot from the Insert tab.


From here, you can choose to either insert an image of any of your currently open applications, or use a Screen Clipping. Selecting Screen Clipping will minimise the Office application with your entire window temporarily becoming opaque or “frosted over”. You can select the part of the window that you want with your selection showing through this opaqueness. Once you’ve made your selection, the selected image will be inserted into your document/email.

Now that your image is there, you can insert shapes (like circles, arrows or numbers) to highlight key areas of interest. Here’s an example we’ve done for our website.


This now means you can communicate your message quicker and with more accuracy.

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