Office 365 – Managing Emails

In the past, archiving email was the way to keep your mailbox storage within your server mail storage quota and also manage the size of your Outlook profile data file (OST file): large OST file = higher chance of errors or poor performance of Outlook.

With Office 365 accounts set up in Outlook, you would now have 50GB of storage, and so the need for archiving is significantly reduced. Most mailboxes would not reach this size. This then raises the question, how would you manage such a large mailbox? Well, Microsoft already indirectly does this, by making the default setting in Outlook to only keep 12 months of email offline. Search still checks your entire account for relevant emails, or if you are scrolling through a folder for older emails you might notice a link to view older mail when you reach the end of your folder.

Okay – so what if you want to change the amount of email to synchronise? Is there a reason to?

In our experience, some users prefer to keep all of their email readily accessible. Another case could be a user who is meticulous in filing emails, and creates a complex multi-tier folder structure – the problem with this is that it creates multiple instances of folder sync checks, and may slow down performance of the system.

Regardless, here’s the simple step-by-step process on changing it:

1. Go to File, Click on Account Settings, Choose ‘Account Settings…’



2. In the Account Settings window, click on your account, and then click on ‘Change…’


3. Use the slider to change the amount of email to sync.


A final note: unfortunately this will only work for main accounts – if you have full delegate access to another account, it will download the entire account.

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