TEDxSydney is the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity, innovation and culture to the rest of the world. AlphaSys is proud to be partnering with TEDxSydney to share ideas worth spreading through innovative cloud technologies including Salesforce, WordPress and eTouches.

Big Fish Little CRM

What was once a small community gathering to share ideas has since grown into the national powerhouse that is TEDxSydney. Currently engaging thousands of individuals in iconic venues such as the Opera House and ICC theatre. Although this explosion of growth and success is an astounding feat, TEDxSydney's systems didn't mirror this evolution and strained against the organisation's rapidly growing needs. In truth TEDxSydney's 'system' was a mish-mash, cobbled together by willing volunteers. Although they were able to make it work, and grow their database of community members to over 30,000 it was near impossible to keep this data clean and useable.

AlphaSys' Solution

After running workshops with key stakeholders, our team was able to put together the below solution:
CRM: Salesforce CRM was implemented as a more robust, and formal foundation.
Web: A WordPress website was built and integrated with the CRM, focusing on scalability and growth.
eTouches: Tighter integration with their registration program.


The TedxSydney website received hundreds of applications and thousands of hits within hours of launch but was able to perform at full functionality despite this huge amount of traffic. While manual processes have been sliced due to the eTouches integration, handling the thousands of applicants and attendees. The manual processes the TEDxSydney team had come to rely on have now been sliced due to AlphaSys' solution. Meaning that all staff, volunteers and attendees have a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Freeing TEDxSydney to put their energy into what makes them special; their great programs.