OzHelp Foundation

OzHelp Foundation is in innovative provider of support services focused on the building, mining, trade and automotive industries. AlphaSys is thrilled to be an integral part of their journey to make their services more scalable and accessible in remote areas through a tailored Salesforce solution.


OzHelp have been looking to innovate to improve their reach of support services, as well as how many they can perform with limited resources. However their support systems were rigid and not able to grow with their operational needs.


Salesforce was customised to manage client cases and management of key programs. Further enhancements were made to enable online delivery of support services via online forms.


Significant time savings were found in everyday management of cases as well as generation of quality reporting. The uptake of the web based tune up solution by employers has been stronger than expected with OzHelp able to deliver quality services to more people without increased headcount.


OzHelp provide support services to the "at risk" construction, mining, trade and automotive industries. Given their great work in providing mental health services, their management team have been looking for new ways to deliver services in a more scalable manner. Additionally with many of their clients located across the country in remote areas, they knew technology was needed to give them the reach they needed.

While they were utilising specialist case management systems, its inflexibility to handle custom workflows and integration meant OzHelp's vision could not be realised. Additionally the clunky reporting capabilities meant significant time was wasted in getting the information needed for strategy planning and funding reporting.

AlphaSys worked with OzHelp to customise Salesforce to manage their key services and workflows including:

  • Sales and pipeline management
  • Client case management
  • Scheduling and delivery of field visits
  • Regular reporting for funding
  • Maintenance checks and audits for key assets

The implementation of Salesforce was immediately embraced by the team with significant time savings found. Support could be delivered with better information on hand and minimal data entry requirements.

With the benefits so quickly realised, OzHelp commissioned the development of their innovative web based tune up enabling employers to provide their team access to support services online. This solution was built using Wordpress/Gravity Forms tightly integrated with Salesforce, and will enable OzHelp to rapidly provide support to more people in more locations with minimal fuss.