Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury

Established in 1967, and originally operating out of an old house donated by Hornsby council, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury has steadily grown over the years. Foregrounding the organisation’s commitment to saving lives through counselling services for issues such as suicide, grief and loss, relationships, depression, anger and financial and gambling problems.

The Challenge of a Spreadsheet

Due to H2H's scattered data, and reliance on a myriad of disparate spreadsheets - H2H were unable to easily identify and analyse their case data on a larger scale. Although their individual case management was not affected, this separation of information meant the team was unable to identify trends and make strategic support decisions.

AlphaSys' Solution

In order help H2H overcome these issues, AlphaSys implemented a Salesforce centric technological solution that would not only meet the current needs of the organisation - but would have the scope to grow and manage multiple aspects of Lifeline's workflow.
Higher reporting: This included the development of a Case Management package with Salesforce CRM. Utilising its powerful functionality, and ability to directly report to the DSS through the use of AlphaSys' Pronto Products.
Volunteer management: AlphaSys configured Salesforce as to allow H2H to track training and accreditation of volunteers, as well as manage job allocation among the group.
Data Consolidation: Using AlphaSys' best-practice methods, our team guided H2H through their data migration. Resulting in consolidated and centralised information - streamlining data entry processes and ensuring accurate reporting and trend analysis.


Lifeline H2H now utilise Salesforce as a central source of truth and management. Salesforce has become the primary location for all major components of the organisations running. Including all key data in relation to; clients, case notes, volunteering and fundraising. The entire client journey is now managed within the system from intake through to service provision, government reporting and closure.
Lifeline H2H is also using Salesforce to manage their counselling support service volunteers, including their training, phone logs and accreditation.