Ellerston Capital

Ellerston Capital is a specialist investment manager with a distinctive approach to portfolio construction and investment selection. Ellerston Capital specialises in equity and alternative strategies. AlphaSys is proud to be partnering with Ellerston Capital to do one thing exceptionally well: grow and protect their clients’ wealth through investing, with innovative cloud technologies including Salesforce, Campaign Monitor and the AlphaSys product Fundforce.


Ellerston Capital had an existing Salesforce that was cluttered, under-utilised and that didn’t allow an effective view of client data. They needed a way of easily uploading data from external financial sources, on a monthly basis. They also wanted to integrate Campaign Monitor with the new Salesforce instance. Finally, they wanted to report for internal purposes and for their board regarding fund performance.


A brand new Salesforce org was implemented with the AlphaSys product FundForce. FundForce provides the data structure and upload functionality that allows Ellerston Capital to track and report on the various funds across their platform. Campaign Monitor was also integrated with their new Salesforce org.


Ellerston Capital now have a system that is usable across the organisation with meaningful reports that allow visibility over fund movements, clients that need follow-up or nurturing. Board reporting can be generated from the system with minimum manual work. Monthly data uploads can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving days of effort each month.

“The team at AlphaSys walked us through the somewhat complicated journey of embedding Salesforce. While we still have a way to go and work to do, we have confidence in the AlphaSys team to help get us there” - SIMON GLAZIER (National Key Account Manager, Ellerston Capital)