Australian Veterinary Association

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is a not-for-profit association representing over 6,000 Australian veterinarians. It consists of seven offices across Australia and operates over 20 special interest groups, each with its own unique organisational needs.


AVA had historically received ad hoc IT support, with no clear ownership or strategy for technology. The changing nature of the association meant an ever-increasing reliance on ageing systems for membership management and ongoing office operations. Unfortunately the systems failed to align with business needs and were often subject to significant downtime. In addition, AVA’s Drupal website was costing a significant amount each month to maintain, with limited resources available to make adjustments to meet the expectations of their members.


The AVA project involved:

  • Upgrading AVA’s server infrastructure and improving the resilience of their network.
  • Providing ongoing support as AVA’s national IT helpdesk, deploying Internet connections to key offices, and being a major contributor to their IT strategy, processes and policies.

  • Being available to quickly respond to issues, proactively improve infrastructure to minimise problems, and give advice on how to better serve AVA’s staff and members.
  • Halving website management costs by providing ongoing management of their complex Drupal website.
  • Working with AVA on improvement initiatives to reduce back office operational load.


AlphaSys are the clear "go to" place for AVA's technology-related queries. We're actively engaged with management to understand their challenges and strategy, and have partnered with them to address their top priorities. The number of technology incidents have dropped significantly and issue response times have decreased. Website management costs have halved, and the website is regularly improved to facilitate automation and integration with their iMIS membership system.