Act for Peace

Act for Peace believes that when people all over the world work together, big changes are really possible. Their passion to face international injustices has seen them undergo long-term development projects focussing on community stability and self-sufficiency. Programs ensuring education to young girls, helping farmers, and supporting refugees return home are just some examples of their tireless efforts.

When An Under Preforming CRM Leads To Over Working Staff

Act for Peace's CRM was one of their biggest internal blockers, having outgrown their old system their own tools seemed to be working against them. Riddled with integration limitations the system was too rigid to allow for modifications that would better support AFP's new digital marketing plan and supporter acquisition strategies. Resulting in the team's hard work possibly being heavily compromised, or scrapped altogether. Not only were future processes under threat by their insufficient system, but their current workflow was bearing down on the team. The outdated data structure and limited functionality meant staff were frequently over-working themselves, faced with manual processes and disparate data - efficiencies nightmare.

AlphaSys' Solution

We sat down with the team at Act for Peace in order to get to know their ideal system, their pain points and learn what their goals were. With this information, our Solution Architect was able to design a solution that would not only solve their current issues but future-proof them with a system that was set for growth and modification as the organisation evolves and pivots.
This included:
CRM: Configuring and implementing Salesforce Non-profit Success Pack.
Fundraising: Addition of AlphaSys' own tried and true ProntoProducts developed by our Labs team, allowing for simple integration with payment providers and websites.
Marketing: Implementation of Salesforce's Marketing Cloud to target both email and SMS marketing.


A fully integrated CRM platform with automated business rules has eliminated many manual processes and complex data manipulation. The flexible architecture and integration capabilities have enabled scalable campaigns with real-time feedback making it possible to measure and react during campaigns. Marketing and CRM automation have enabled more personalised campaigns and engagement with supporters, providing a better overall experience.

“Any CRM project is a massive undertaking and this was no different. But the flexibility of Salesforce and the great team at AlphaSys has enabled us to transform our systems and gives us options to scale and innovate.” - TIM SADLER (Head of Digital & CRM, Act for Peace)