Building Member Engagement Event Wrap-up and Key Highlights

Event Recap

AlphaSysGHOSalesforce and MapAnything collaborated to deliver an event focussed on building member engagement, retention and value.

On Thursday 15th November at the Hilton, Sydney, this inaugural event provided associations and member-based organisations with a practical framework for delivering positive outcomes along with contextual examples to bring these concepts to life on the Salesforce platform.

Sharing views and gaining insights is what these events are all about, so we’d like to thank all of the speakers, attendees and event organisers for coming together and building a really valuable conversation around the following ideas.

4 Insights into championing member driven associations

Building member engagement, retention and value

The useful nature of personas

Kicking off the morning was GHO’s Strategy Director, James Legge, spoke about the defining concept of relevance and its strategic importance as a foundation to your member based operations.

James shared a process and tools for identifying customer personas. This agile methodology can be applied to any organisation that needs to understand who its customers are and what they value most.
Download James’ materials including empathy map and persona frameworks

James Legge | Building Relevance in a Changing World

Partners who understand you and your industry

Picking the right team is often the hardest step.

Choosing a platform or new system seems like the most daunting task an organisation can face. However, having the right implementation partner can make or break the project. It goes without saying they need to be experts both in their chosen technology (for us, Salesforce), and in your industry. Possessing experience with similar clients, and how that specific technology applies to the industry is key.
Who you choose to implement your solution should be viewed as a long-term strategic partner. Together you can put your members and their needs the centre of the solutions.

AlphaSys Director and Co-founder Justin Yoon interviewed with Deb Bowden and Matt Wheatley from the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. They shared their experience implementing Salesforce, moving from iMIS and a stalled Dynamics implementation, and going ahead with AlphaSys.

Both Deb and Matt stressed the importance of choosing and working with the right partner. That is someone who knows the industry, asks the right questions, and will be strategic in their approach, looking at the long term.

Thanks to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for sharing insights into their digital journey; outlining the intrinsic nature of change and digital project management.

Panel Discussion facilitated by Jarrod Myers (AlphaSys) | Left to right: Lorenzo Logozzo (Salesforce), James Legge (GHO), Deb Bowden (PSA) and Matt Wheatley (PSA)

Minimum viable product

Start small, test, learn and iterate often!

Often complex digital projects suffer from poor project management. We think we understand our customers, we define a set of the digital products or services and set about delivering these outcomes. A year later the project is “complete” and is launched. Much to the organisations surprise a lot has changed in a year; our customers have changed, their needs have evolved and we’re late to the party!

Product Demonstrations

Day in the life of a member-centric organisation

Both Salesforce and MapAnything ran us through a solution demonstration of an imaginary association,. The Solution Engineers Association of Australia. In under 20 minutes we were shown how a New Member, Member Liaison Officer, Marketing Manager and Director would use Salesforce to run their entire operations.

From quick member sign-ups via Facebook advertising, intuitive member portals, real time reports and dashboards, and a 360 degree of a member and all their interactions, (events attended, member history, emails and calls logged) and their interests down to their favourite drink.

MapAnything can do amazing things with this data. With an emphasis on geography, associations can better target events, track their member’s overall CSAT (satisfaction) scoring, and map out their team’s member visits with live dynamic maps.

Taking Advantage of Targeted Marketing

MapAnything Demonstration

Future Events:

We had a great time running this event in Sydney, and we will be hosting this event in other locations around Australia in 2019. If you’d like to attend this event at another location, you can express your interest here.

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