Xero Calculator: So simple yet effective

While attending the Xero to Hero course run by the fantastic team atConsultive Training, I was amazed that the seemingly simple Xero Accounting System could have so much depth under the hood. It is evident how much investment has been made in thinking through all aspects of their product and why it is rapidly become [...] Read more

OneNote – Write minutes in minutes

One of the interesting uses of OneNote (provided as part of the Office 365 subscription) is its ability to document meeting agendas and notes. Not only does it save time when it comes to documenting minutes, but it also allows attendees to quickly add action items into their Outlook tasks. This blog will show you how. Let’s first [...] Read more

Office 365 – Saving you time when documenting feedback

Documenting feedback can be a drag, whether it is on designs, websites, or other things viewed on your computer screen. While tools like the Windows Snipping Tool have made it easier to focus screenshots on areas of interest (as opposed to using print screen to take a snapshot of your entire screen), it still takes time to [...] Read more