A Non-Profit’s guide to Digital Transformation

Salesforce.org | Accelerating your Non-profit Transformation

Take a look at this…

The team at Salesforce.org have put together a guide for conquering the digital landscape, and it’s specifically for nonprofits.
Not only is it full of wisdom and useful insights, it’s super easy to read! They take the complex jargon of the digital world and break those down into plain english. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by words like “constituent” and “data,” but this article helps you navigate those complex ideas.
Towards the end they provide some great customer stories, providing the insights of real people and real organisations as they reflect on the impacts and results of their digital transformation.
If you’ve got a non-profit, (or even if you just like looking at beautiful images) we recommend having a look. You can download the PDF here!

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